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About. Me

Denver. ISFJ. Enneagram 1. Capricorn. Generator

My life’s work is often viewed as that of a cat with 9 lives; immersed and/or lived in 65+ countries, formally educated in government & politics, managing communities spanning the fledgling Central American hostel to a global medical student group, practicing improv, doing THE van life during the pandemic, and coaching individuals through transformation. I'm a strong, compassionate, exuberant leader who brings a decade of flavorful know-how in bringing engaging, invigorating, and resonant experiences to life. I firmly believe in the transformative power of connection + collaboration, and my mission is to create spaces where people can connect, grow, collaborate, and confidently take action toward their dreams.


I thrive as a dynamic facilitator, community strategist, and leadership coach, leveraging my extensive background to lead sessions that ignite self-discovery and support those in taking their lives to the next level.


Throughout my journey, I've mastered the art

of crafting captivating workshops that encourage active participation, foster collaboration, and ignite creativity. With my exuberant coaching style and knack for cultivating a safe and supportive environment, I've earned a reputation for making every space feel like a true oasis of growth and personal development.

My values of integrity, honesty, trust, and rigor - drive me to continuously improve, receive training, and make a positive impact in the lives of those I work with. I am committed to creating meaningful and impactful experiences that empower those ready to reach their highest vision.


My exuberant leadership style and commitment to excellence [neè perfection] have allowed me to successfully guide individuals and groups towards greater self-awareness and cultural understanding, resulting in discernment, clarity, self recognized power, and a habit of a tendency toward action.


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