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Thu, Oct 26



Speakeasy | Beliefs & Stories

Bringing back real af conversations between people that want to be real af. Dropping a saucy topic twice monthly with people globally!

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Speakeasy | Beliefs & Stories
Speakeasy | Beliefs & Stories

Time & Location

Oct 26, 2023, 6:30 PM MDT



About the event

The Speakeasy is a space to engage in the work of knowledge; it consists of asking the unasked question, holding space for diverse dialogue on issues of substance, and leaning into curiousity. The Speakeasy series: 

  • Donation based
  • Up to 1.5H; dependent on vibe of conversation
  • Facilitated by those that can hold space
  • Breakout rooms of up to 5 humans [if there are 8+ attendees]
  • ❇️ Bonus for continued connection

These sessions are for any human that wants to bring connection, satisfaction, and honesty back to their lives, relationships, communities, teams, and/or groups. These are spaces for people to delve into their own beliefs, stories, and understandings whilst in the company of others, globally, that want to elevate every slice of their life pie. With this in mind, it's vital that you if you register 1. please acutally join and 2. aim to join within the first 8mins. of the start time to maintain a level of safety virtually. 

The primary facilitator, Victoria Cumberbatch, has a penchant for Jeffersonian style conversations and this isn't the first iteration of her giving this a shot. She created a multi season web series based on the same premise, albeit it was filmed and in person. After C19 + van life + moving to Denver whereupon she knew no one, she chose to recreate an old goodie, but virtually. If you find yourself in this space and enjoyment/thrill/connection from it, please consider sharing with whomever would love something like this.

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Upcoming Sessions 

Oct 26: Beliefs & Stories that Run Us

Nov 29: Ethics & Morals

Dec 13: Entitlement, Privilege, & Spoil

Jan 30: Science & Spirituality

 Topics we've covered: 

  • Identity
  • Living a rich [and juicy] life
  • Culture and You
  • The Wheel of Life
  • Impact of Art
  • Art of Powerful Questions

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1. Embrace Curiosity & Ask Unasked Questions

  • Cultivate a mindset of **curiosity** and a **willingness to explore** unasked questions.
  • Be open to **challenging assumptions, biases, and conventional wisdom**.

2. YOU Create the Safety

  • Safety can’t be guaranteed, but it can be co created** alongside honest, vulnerable, and open humans.
  • Diverse voices + perspectives** are welcomed and valued.
  • When you **share the truth of your personal experiences, beliefs, and stories openly**; it gives permission to others to do the same.
  • Respect and honor the differences** among individuals.

3. Practice Active Listening

  • Actively listen to others **without overt judgment or interruption**.
  • Choose **not to resist, assume, agree, or disagree** with any points that people are making.
  • Give full attention to the speaker, **seeking to understand their viewpoint**; bonus points for asking dope follow up questions.

4. Embrace Humility

  • Recognize that no one has all the answers; **humble yourself to the idea that knowledge is abundant and constantly evolving**.
  • Acknowledge that **each person's perspective contributes to the collective understanding**.
  • Be open to learning from others and be willing to change your own beliefs based on new insights.

5. Cultivate Deep Connections

  • Lead with empathy, compassion, and respect.


  • Donation

    Donation based; suggested $10!

    Pay what you want
    +Service fee
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  • Freebie

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