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Join the Pivoteer Posse!

Ahhh my fellow entrepreneurial, creative soul!

Do you ever find yourself wishing for a space where you can navigate your journey without all the extra noise and pressure? Or perhaps you're someone who feels a bit different, maybe neurodivergent, and despite trying various tools and groups, you still haven't found your place.

In today's world, where working from home or living the digital nomad life is the norm, we often find ourselves lost in our thoughts, constantly evaluating ourselves and falling into the trap of self-doubt and overthinking. It's like we're stuck in a cycle of 'shoulda, coulda, woulda,' amiright?

Well, I'm Viki, also known as Victoria Cumberbatch, a mix of Frank Sinatra vibes and Soprano drama, currently rooted in Denver, CO after a serendipitous journey via van life during the pandemic. I'm a biracial woman juggling high-functioning anxiety, ADHD, and PCOS – quite the mix, I know! As an acc leadership coach, facilitator, and breathwork guide, I've been on my own transformative journey and love to support others with the same.

Let me share a quick story with you.

Keep the momentum with the cheat code

I've learned that true growth often happens when we lean into a supportive community, showing up authentically and responsibly for others. That's why I invite you to consider joining the Pivoteer Posse, a space where you can deepen your connections, embrace your authenticity, and learn alongside others who understand the journey of self-discovery.

As a Pivoteer, we embrace life's chaos, pausing to pivot towards intentional responses instead of reactive decisions. In our twice-monthly virtual gatherings, you can show up just as you are, whether you're in the mood to practice, play, or simply hold space for others. This, is how we keep the momentum fiery.

Now, I encourage you to take a moment to pause.

Close your eyes, tune into your body.

Do you feel light, joy, openness, alignment?

These are signs that the Pivoteer Posse might be the right space for you.

And if not, that's completely okay too! I got you with resources, the podcast, the newsletter and whatever else might be supportive in the meantime.

Thank you for journeying with me this far. Whether you choose to walk alongside me or explore a different path, I'm here to support you. Until we meet again, ciao for now!


Im Viki, an intersectional leadership coach in #Denver, bringing neurodivergents from living in states of TENSION to living in states of INTENTION. With a trauma informed style, I support people through coaching, breathwork + communal events. 😈 Get a taste by joining my newsletter! Snag your copy of my #RezKit, a toolkit for building your resilience →


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