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The Power of the Sacred Pause

A hibernation story

Based on the podcast episode found here: Pod // YouTube


I've been in hibernation since December [it's Feb], and while I didn't have a set date in mind to come out of this pause, I've started to feel the pull to emerge from my proverbial den. I'm viewing this hibernation as an intentional moment for sacred pause, so that I can get back to me.

Moving with the seasons is nothing new. As I've been delving deeper into my Celtic + Druidic ancestry, I've gleaned that to honor the cycles of life is to bring our primal selves back to the consistency of life being lived in waves, as opposed to all at once. This more feminine energy is fluid, nurturing, and intuitively led.

Viki sitting on a rock in nature
Mid Colorado Hike During the Pause

To truly heed intuition, we have to first hear it. I need to be in my body, recognizing what feels true versus what my ego mind is telling me. We are stardust, infinite beings not bound by time. If that's so, it's crucial to slow down enough throughout the year to actually listen.

I decided to pause because, as a solopreneur, I was overwhelmed with the constant barrage of "have to's" and "should's." Marketing, sales, copywriting, social media, and networking felt like a never-ending hamster wheel where I wasn't ever moving the needle on anything.

During this sacred pause, I took time to reflect on what I was doing, how I was doing it, and why.

I focused on deepening connections and only doing things that gave me a full HELL YEAH. I let go of the need for perfection and embraced progress. This hibernation also allowed me to create new habits, like working at a slower pace and setting more boundaries. I cried, went on adventures, and nixed things that no longer aligned with me.


As I begin to poke my head out of my winter den, I'm filled to the brim with a renewed focus and vigor. The sacred pause can provide the space and time for new ideas and creativity to permeate in. I highly recommend taking a long weekend [at least, at the start of each season] to insert pause, rest, and deepened connections into your life.

Whether you resonate with my journey or not, I hope you've found a golden nugget!t. I look forward to hearing from you and chatting with you next time.


Hey, I’m Viki; a lass of many facets. The quick version is,I’m a transformation leadership coach in Denver, bringing people from living in states of TENSION to living in in a state of INTENTION. I’m neuro friendly, trauma informed and support people through coaching, breathwork and communal events.


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