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An engagement strategy is a fancy way of simply saying → we have put intention behind the ways we initiate and ask for people to engage in the little world we’ve created. This world can be a hobbyist community, a product community, an ERG, a team within a company, a summer camp … you get the picture. This can be used for any gathering of 3+ people where the aim is to increase their participation & feelings of belonging.

Introducing an engagement strategy to your collective can:

  • Ensure an ever evolving & dynamic set of experiences to keep your members returning
  • Increase loyalty & advocacy
  • Foster connection, belonging, & play
  • Nurture the member relationship & improve NPS


In this framework, you'll find a three phase template tha you can duplicate with your community/gathering of humans. There are additional PDFs that you can download and edit at your convenience as well as two video walkthroughs to set you up for success! 

Seasonal Engagement Strategy Framework

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This will be a google drive link to a PDF, along with a URL link to view in on your browser in Notion if you prefer [which I do suggest]. 

    There are additional editable PDFs + loom video walkthroughs.