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The Community Bundle

The Community Bundle

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After 10+ years in the community management world, I’ve pivoted to leadership coaching, facilitation and breathwork. It seemed wild to get rid of all the community products I’ve offered, so I’ve decided to bundle them here as best I can.


Dive into a world of seamless community management and leadership with this curated set of [5] resources, now available in one comprehensive bundle!



  • Getting Started in CMGT infographic


  • Ritual Creation Template: Tailored for community managers, moderators, ERG leaders, and people teams, this template is your go-to for crafting meaningful rituals. Utilize the provided PDF with text boxes to refine and personalize your newest community traditions, along with a notion database for inspiration.


  • Gantt Chart Template: Revolutionize your community based, project management with this unique Gantt chart template. Unlike traditional timelines, this chart focuses on color-scaled progress of specific tasks, facilitating easy collaboration with teammates, consultants, and stakeholders.


  • Leadership Rubric with Video & PDFs: Simplify the process of selecting leaders within your community or organization. This rubric allows for unbiased evaluation, ensuring that you can numerically assess leadership capacities based on customizable criteria and not favoritism.
  • Seasonal Engagement Strategy Template: Elevate your community engagement efforts with intentionality. Crafted for gatherings of 3+ people, this strategy template empowers you to create dynamic experiences that foster loyalty, advocacy, connection, and belonging. Whether it's a hobbyist community, a product community, or an ERG, this tool is your key to nurturing member relationships and enhancing overall participation. Unlock the potential of your community with our all-in-one toolkit. Say goodbye to scattered resources and hello to streamlined success!These are a compilation of tools I've created or been inspired by, to make my community building experience a touch more seamless. I hope you find impact with these as you grow your community. This is best viewed on a browser in its original, notion page form, but it can also work well as a PDF.


In the PDF you receive, the link to the original notion page will be at the top in pink*

  • Formatting

    You'll automatically be sent the PDF of this entire bundle via email, but within it, you'll see a link in pink that you can click and the bundle in it's original form, which is a notion page. 

    Other formats within the notion page include: PDFs, recordings, & canva links.