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Beautiful Nature

Join us for a Reconnection to Self

Shelve the tech, distraction, & overwhelm to re member who you are, re envision your story, & re invigorate your life.


In a world where consumerism, mental burnout, bodily disconnection, stark independence, and cavernous loneliness have become the norm, we have curated a retreat experience that will guide you back to connection. 


Connection with and to: yourself, your environment, your people. Join us this April 1-6, 2023

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Katrina Martinez 

Co Founder & Facilitator


After graduating from Temple University with a Political Science degree, Katrina has held many roles ranging from United Nations Youth Representative and research assistant to top UN government officials, to nonprofit director of Evolve Creative Alliance, cocktail waitress in Manhattan, showroom manager for a luxury girls' fashion boutique on NYC's Millionaire's Row, home birth and postpartum doula, and operations manager for a multimillion dollar crypto startup, just to name a few. 


All have centered around community and bringing people together, with her specialty being in setting up foundations for success, moral integrity, and authenticity. She prides herself on being a magnetic safe space for strangers, friends, family, and the like. 


Katrina is a mother, certified Flower Essence practitioner, certified Green Medicine practitioner, Home Birth & Postpartum Doula, and content creator. She is also certified in humanitarian trauma outreach and prevention. She lives in Puerto Rico and spends her time traveling between New Jersey, New York, and the Dominican Republic.


Victoria ‘Viki’ Cumberbatch

Co Founder & Facilitator


As a fervent world traveler, she's an incessant seeker of meaningful experiences, top tier connections, and self development. Growing up in a nuclear family, she had the fortune to start traveling internationally from four months old. She never had a chance, she'd always be a travel bug! 


Experiencing the richness of life has been a bittersweet lifestyle choice and along the way, she's become adamant about community and connection. From backpacking, to leading groups of people around the world, to managing communities online, to creating a table talk web series, and generally being a hustler; facilitating an experience for those with similar mindsets and desires feels like a beautiful marriage of travel, experience, connection, awareness, and fun! 

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