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'Pivoteer Posse' written over an image of three women seated on the floor

Group Community Coaching || The Posse

Become a Pivoteer by joining the Posse!

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Service Description

This virtual group is for those wanting to hone their skills at being a pivoteer. To be a pivoteer, is to be someone that can slow down with intention, to reflect momentarily on which direction they can go from this new, abrupt information. To be a pivoteer, is to lean into the eye of the storm, find the calm within it, and direct their life from this new vantage point. In order to expand their tolerance, for quite frankly, life LIFING at them. A phenomenon that will never cease, yet one that allows the pivoteer a chance for elevation, expansion, consciousness, and ease. A twice monthly, coaching community for those that want to supplement their transformative & healing journeys with the benefit of group accountability, brave connection, and consistent celebration. This is a great option if you're not quite ready for 1:1 coaching, if you already have a coach and simply want more coaching time, or if you prefer doing things in community. A few notes: • There are 4 $$ options: Drop in [$28] // Monthly Membership [$55] // Seasonal [$200 for 3mos] // Annual [$50 p month] • We aim to meet every 1st & 3rd Thursday at 1000MST / 1200EST • If Victoria is unable to facilitate a recurring session, she will email you as soon as possible along with a replacement date • This space is inclusive for however you show up [ie. all genders welcome] • Even if you choose a package, it's always up to you to show up or skip sessions as you need; autonomy is key

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Contact Details

PO Box 3700 Tennyson St, Denver, CO, USA

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