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Victoria Cumberbatch, is a community driven leadership coach, exuberant facilitator, and progressive community strategist. 


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2 women and 2 men talking for a podcast

What is Community?

I liken it to the wild wild west, circa gold rush. Community management is an immensely blossoming field that was once seen as the moderation of social media and has now become its own respected professional arena, within only the past few years. It's certainly multifaceted + pesky to nail down, but I see community as a vibrant tapestry where diverse perspectives are encouraged, shared values guide collective actions, genuine connections are nurtured, and a sense of belonging is fostered.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

I offer 1x1 community coaching packages... as well as a VIP Day [or Done in a Day] where I curate a whiteglove engagement strategy for your community, team, group, etc."


Paul Jones


She's a fast thinker and incredibly smart, which made our collaboration highly productive. I was amazed by the output of our VIP Day, where she provided an engagement framework, community values, guidelines, and clear steps to launch my paid community.

Omer Rott

Medical Student & Entrepreneur

From my experience Viki is a great leader of online webinars, I always remember her positivity and addictive enthusiasm. Despite having the session over zoom Viki always creates a welcoming and honest environment, which makes it easy to open up and share from the heart.

Alex F.

Community Builder & Entrepreneur

Vic is as intelligent and resourceful as she is inspiring and kind. She is dedicated to growing communities in ways that are organic and real, fostering genuine support and connection. She is a natural leader and creator.

Pauline Rowsome

Medical Illustrator

The Authentic Leadership workshop definitely gave me energy, confidence and the kick in the butt I needed to just be honest and clear with my communications and NEEDS.

Caroline R.


Viki is an absolutely amazing mentor; she is unfailingly patient and supportive, always working to find solutions that work for all parties. She’s so approachable and encouraging, and really gave me the confidence to raise issues and assert myself with a team.

Vince Waldman

Head of Content Ops.

Viki’s communication style is enthralling, thoughtful, and joyful. She has a very high EQ and she takes the time to get to know others and help them feel seen and heard. I so appreciate her ability to strike a balance between keeping things real, lighthearted, and professional.

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