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build your resilience toolkit

Victoria is a community driven acc leadership coach, facilitator, & breathwork guide

with a vision to empower humans in moving from living with tension to, intention.

pssttt, especially if you were recently [self] diagnosed with autism or adhd

Vik's an excellent coach, with deep listening skills and the ability to move you forward toward your goal. Vic’s uniqueness comes in her ability to draw out your heart’s desires and open you the unimaginable becoming reality. Leo T.

TLDR: I’m a traveled, biracial, millennial, woman, with high functioning anxiety & ADD. I’m also a bit of a self development glutton that wants to be the change seen in the world. I’m ENFJ | Enneagram 1 | Capricorn | Generator

My experience up to now is often viewed as a that of a cat with 9 lives; immersed and/or lived in 65+ countries, formally educated in international development & conflict management, managed communities spanning the fledgling Central American hostel to the global medical student community, practicing improv, doing THE van life during the pandemic, coaching individuals through transformation, facilitating breathwork sessions and designing & facilitating workshops.


I'm a strong, compassionate, exuberant leader who brings a decade of flavorful know-how in bringing engaging, invigorating, and resonant experiences to life. I firmly believe in the transformative power of connection, creativity and community with a mission to create spaces where people can connect, grow, collaborate, and confidently take action toward their dreams.

The approaches that inform my practice are: 

  • somatic [embodiment] foundation

  • ontology [BEing over DOing]

  • leadership + performance

  • polyvagal theory

  • human design

Victoria Cumberbatch

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