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Coaching, Facilitation, & Engagement are the branches

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A full day where Viki develops a white glove strategy for your group/community/team.

FOR: fledgling communities, burgeoning communities, burnt out teams following an employee engagement survey, exhausted groups.

YOU WANT: to improve your engagement strategy, want to save time for your zone of genius, want to be taught a framework, value constant learning, value pivoting + shifting.

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Leadership Coaching

Viki combines her expertise in community building, facilitation, leadership development, and cultural awareness to guide individuals toward greater self perception, cultural empathy, and transformational accountability.

She aims to create spaces for connection, collaboration, and contribution by supporting clients with a sense of empowerment + enabling them to make a positive impact in their lives and communities.


Speaking / Facilitation

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Productivity Systems

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Designing Your Life

  • Vitality of Community

  • Zone of Genius

  • Personality Matrix


Bespoke sessions at your convenience!

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Community Power Hour

You want to: test working together before committing fully, you want a thought partner on a project/idea, or you’re simply looking for a focused brainstorm session.

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So, WTF is Community Anyway?

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