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Find upcoming events, experiences, & collaborations to involve yourself with adventuresINcommunity

Step into a world of transformative growth and empowerment!


Victoria's gatherings are designed to propel hyper independent leaders toward reframed success and significant impact. Embrace the power of connection, collaboration, and contribution through intentional events, both digital and in person.

Victoria's vision for the world is that of humans consistently choosing into authenticity, harmony, and joyous collaboration. Her life-first business approach sets an example of conscious leadership, inspiring others to follow suit. With over sixty fives nations visited or resided in, she fosters a deep appreciation for diverse perspectives and cultures, enriching the experience for every participant.

Victoria leads with vulnerability, honesty, rigor, integrity, trust, and candor. These values are woven into her events, creating a supportive environment for personal and professional growth.

Join an event and embark on a journey of self mastery, empowerment, and meaningful connection.


Whether you're a seasoned leader seeking to enhance your impact, an aspiring changemaker ready to embrace your potential, or a disconnected homemaker → these gatherings are your gateway to deeper connection.


Your BIG, connected life...awaits you.


Upcoming Events

Virtual Conversation Series

To engage in the work of knowledge, it consists of asking the unasked question, holding space for diverse dialogue on real sh*t. 

Virtual, 60 mins. 

Monthly | First Thursday & Third Wednesday 

4p & 6p MST Respectively 


Denver Circles

1234 Alphabet Dr, Denver, CO

Next topic: ADSLFKJFS

JULY xx, 2023

AUGUST xx, 2023

10am MST


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