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The RezKit || Chapter 2, Embodiment

The RezKit || Chapter 2, Embodiment

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Find here, a labor of love, a digital workbook designed to guide you on a journey of inner growth, resilience + empowerment. I created this as someone who shares your experiences with emotional dysregulation, rejection sensitivity, frenzied ambition, hyperfocus tendencies, interwoven with a desire for self improvement.


This workbook is a treasure trove of insights, practices, + reflections drawn from personal experience. An intersectional one at that, as I’m a thriving biracial woman, living with ADHD & PCOS.


This is only one of three parts in this workbook, so feel free to find the other options in the store! 


In these pages, you'll find inspiration on how to navigate the middle path, through a neurodivergent lens. This was written as one behemoth of a workbook, where you can choose to read it through on your device, use a supplement like the app goodnotes, print it out and keep it on you, or anything else under the sun. For ease, I chopped up the 3 chapters into separate workbooks, but if you snag the FULL version, that simply includes all chapters in one.


As you explore this workbook, you'll come to realize that resilience is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Instead, it's a dynamic and individual journey, unique to each masterpiece of a human.


Take your time to really integrate the practices that speak to you, which you can anticipate:

  • Mental Models: A set of ways to reconfigure the representation of what’s True in your reality. Great for reasoning + decision making.
  • Embodiment: Sometimes, thinking isn’t the best way out, but rather by releasing energy from the body. Great for discerning ways to get back into the physicality of your body.
  • Exercises: A collection of many of my personal templates, tools + frameworks to reconsider the typical ways we’ve done things. For those that like tactile homework, processes, or the nostalgia of writing things down; this is for you.


This workbook serves as a visual representation of my own RezKit [resilience toolkit], where I’m inviting you to adapt + customize it to fit your own needs. Whether you prefer to read through and make notes, print it out for hands-on engagement, or select tools at random for reflection, the choice is yours. There's no right or wrong way to engage with this material—only opportunities for absorption and inspiration.


Ultimately, the RezKit aims to inspire you to craft your own toolkit for resilience, empowering you to live with increased autonomy, self awareness, and self compassion. By cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself, you'll not only enhance your own well-being but also radiate positivity outward, embodying the change you wish to see in the world.


For even more, find details on this podcast episode or this blog post. And regardless, I wish you a buttery smooth slide as you continue to navigate your transformational journey toward healing. My belief is that with one, many benefit and too, heal.


xx Vik