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Crafting the RezKit: An Adventure of Transformative Healing

Embarking on a journey of healing can be like, wading in the deep sea waters, feeling reliant on the weather, tides, and lunation. It can be a path fraught with dives and crests, moments of clarity, and instances of overwhelming uncertainty. For those of us traversing this voyage, especially through the lens of neurodivergence, the need for a rezKit [resilience toolkit] becomes not just desirable, but vital.

Through determining some of the defaults I tended to when overstimulated, overwhelmed, uncertain, fearful and the rest, I slowly cobbled together my rezKit. Between C19, varying bouts of depression and malaise, getting into e a relationship for the first real time, pivoting from full time work to entrepreneurship, moving to a new city where I knew no one ... it was a long, winding several years that brought me to my edge.

Once I got my late diagnoses of ADHD, PCOS, and pre diabetes, it all started making waves of sense. I started to review so many things I tended to default to over the decades and realized, I'd been regulating my nervous system all along! I mean, obviously our bodies know wtf is up, but for some reason, I was still incredulous at the intelligence of it when I realized it.

So, as I [quickly, let's face it] started to list out the places I tended to go, it was a lot! I thought, maybe others can be inspired to create their RezKits. So, if you haven't figured out by now, I've been working on just that for the past few months. A neuroFriendly workbook to support + empower you in crafting your own toolkit or, supporting a mentee/child/student to refine theirs. Find the format I went with in the book, below →

Chapter 1: RezKit | Mental Models

Our minds are intricate landscapes, shaped by the narratives we weave and the beliefs we hold. Yet, for many, these mental models can become prisons, constipating our ability to perceive the full spectrum of our experiences. In the realm of healing, dismantling these restrictive frameworks is paramount. It involves challenging the stories we tell ourselves, questioning the validity of our assumptions, and daring to create new possibilities.

For my neurodivergent crew, whose minds often operate outside the bounds of convention, this process can be truly liberating. The invitation is for us to embrace the richness of our cognitive diversity and harness it as a source of sovereign strength. Through reconfiguring our mental models, cultivating a deeper sense of self-understanding and gaining a bit of acceptance. When some of these, simple but not easy, practices were shared with me through the many coaching realms I've navigated, I felt finally like I was given an ounce of a guidebook. Finally, a way to find some trickle of light within the tunnel. Adjusting my mental models, when I catch them at least [hey! that's why it's called a journey], has been the most sustainable way to walk the fine line that is the middle path. Bringing me closer to the expansive, exuberant, self advocating, self forgiving, queen that I've allowed to get dusted over.

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Chapter 2: RezKit | Embodiment

In moments of distress, our bodies bear the brunt of our emotional turmoil, now science is even backing up these statements. Tension gathers in our muscles, knots form in our stomachs, our breath grows shallow, our hearts race at lightspeed. You know what I'm talking about. Yet, the path isn't solely confined to the realm of the mind. Often, the most profound transformation occurs when we reconnect with our bodies and allow ourselves to release the energy trapped within.

Imagine being able to lift up each imprint from a memory foam mattress, inevitably bringing it back to its robust, juicy, receptive glory.

For us neuroSpicy hunnies, thanks to experiencing heightened sensory sensitivities or struggle with regulating emotions, embodiment work can offer a haven. Whether through movement, breathwork, or somatic experiencing, these modalities provide avenues for expressing and processing our innermost sensations. We do it because, this work doesn't only alleviate physical discomfort, but also cultivates a deeper sense of groundedness, presence, and the capacity to handle life doing it's thing at us.

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Salton Sea, CA

Chapter 3: RezKit | Exercises

Amidst the ebb and flow of the adventure, there is solace to be found in the embrace of processes, systems, doing the doing. For some [me] the act of delineating clear frameworks and methodologies can serve as a guiding light through the darkness. That proverbial tunnel. It provides a sense of direction, a roadmap for navigating the complexities of inner transformation, the next part in the guidebook.

For those who may find comfort in the familiarity of routines or struggle with nonlinear thinking, processes offer a sense of stability amidst chaos. Whether through reflective prompts, diagramming, mindfulness exercises, or ritualistic practices, these frameworks become vessels for channeling our intentions and insights. They invite us to anchor ourselves in the present moment, to honor the rhythm of our unique unfolding.

As we journey through the maze of healing, remember that resilience is not merely a destination to be reached, but a way of BEing in the world. It is the unwavering belief in our capacity to pivot, to grow, and to thrive in the face of, well, anything that shall come in our path. By cultivating a rezKit that speaks to the intricacies of our experience—whether through reconfiguring mental models, embracing embodiment practices, or simply embracing the practice makes progress of it all —we empower ourselves to navigate the twists and turns of our transformation with courage and maybe even, grace. And in doing so, we illuminate the path, we liberate ourselves, and we heal the wounds of seen generations both backward and ahead.

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Do you already have the ingredients for a budding rezKit?

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Hey, I’m Viki; a lass of many facets. The quick version is, I’m a transformation leadership coach in Denver, bringing people from living in states of TENSION to living in in a state of INTENTION. With a neuro friendly + trauma informed lens, I support people through coaching, breathwork and communal events.


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