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My Top 6 Resilience Tools

Found in my resilience toolkit

A cover image for the pdf resource on my top 6 resilience tools


Do you feel like you're starting to get a smidgen more of an understanding behind the resilience toolkit? If not, check previous post!

In this post, you'll find my top 6 resilience tools, just a few of the many I keep mentally handy. Just these have made a significant difference in my day to day!

Particularly as a solopreneur that's navigating neurodivergence and mainly working from home.

6 Tools from the Kit_aOc
Download PDF • 4.65MB


Want to elevate your leadership game?

Find out what's in your toolkit and become the resilient leader that you've allowed to gather dust 👀

Your [right now] self will thank you.

• Build a neurodivergent-friendly toolkit to dodge burnout

• Understand your unique leadership style + values

• Build resilience + adaptability

• Lead with authenticity + culturally aware communication

• Rewrite those default beliefs, stories, and knee-jerk responses

• Reclaim your seat at the table – it's been waiting for you!

Think: 4 months with like minded leaders wanting to level up, meeting biweekly on Wednesdays, chock full of laser coaching/homework/exercises/discerning innate tools/lite book club/ plus more.

Sliding scale available and yes, work can cover this or if you're an entrepreneur → hello education tax write off


Hey, I’m Viki and I a woman of many facets. The quick version is, I curate community through connection, collaboration, and creativity. I bring people together to create and connect as a community consultant, I bring people together to contribute to, and belong within a cohesive team with workshop design&facilitation, I empower women to course correct the north star of their compass, dust off their innate toolkit, and reposition their crown as a transformation coach, and I also offer somatic release through holotropic style breathwork. To find out more, start here.


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