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Ways I Keep Myself Small

Launching season two of the podcast no one knows about


Okay, so here’s the thing → 

TLDR: adventuresINtransformation, the pod, is where you’ll find resonance, authenticity, and an alternative perspective to the [healing & self discovery] zeitgeist. Take a moment to place your ‘shoulds’ on the shelf, and come as you are.

Longer story long, you’re finding out about season 2 because I have decided that I do have some staying power! For years, people have told me how much they enjoy either listening to my voice, hearing what I have to impart, or some combo of the two. A few of those years, I chose out of these plaudits by being humble and modest, ‘surely you don’t mean me?’

Humility, disguised as hiding your power, is wack. But it took me a moment to figure that out. 

So, it felt safe to test out the speaking thing with others. First, with a foray into production with my web series @andersonstreetv accompanied by a podcast, then joining forces with a friend to create a podcast around community building, which inevitably was just one [pretty phenomenal] season on community stuff 101. Both were great experiences and yet I knew, I took the easy way out by collaborating instead of individualizing

People told me that they wanted to hear from me. And I often give a little of myself, with a smorgasbord of everyone else, which seemed just good enough. 

But the pull for off the cuff, unedited, raw, long form audio content has never faltered. My primary form of learning is through verbal expression and processing, so it’s a puzzle piece match that I’d inevitably find myself with a mic of some kind. 

Why, am I keeping myself small?

Sometime in 2023, my dear friend J.A. said, ‘can you just voice memo your thoughts and then share them with me?’ For some reason, this was the catalyst. Sharing my thoughts, adventures, learnings, and discovered truth serum doesn’t have to be a BIG DEAL. It can just be, something I do that fulfills me and hopefully sheds light on something for someone else every now and then. 

So I started.

Viki looking upward from a sidewalk with grafitti to one side, with a text bubble saying 'adventuresin transformation with viki'

I created 10 episodes and basically, no one knew 😂. I felt too enveloped in my story around ‘trying another thing and people will judge me for all this experimentation that I put them through.’ So, I created in private. Very unlike me, but hey I'm human too! 

After my hibernation moment, it became clear that I was buggin. If I am to be judged for trying my hand at a multitude of things, a clear symbol of adventuring through life [one of my guiding principles], then they simply weren’t for me anyway.

And, I’m a Capricorn from Jersey, I know damn well that I am not for everyone. 

So, I created without fanfare as motivation or deadlines to keep me limited. One day, I just recorded 3 separate voice memos and decided to add them to my little existing podcast on transformation. By losing the deadlines, the rules, the limits, the pressure → I’ve created more juicy fruity goodness in a shocking amount of time. By moving slower, with less structure, I inevitably have moved faster, with more ease [one of my fave tools in my toolkit]

Keeping myself small no more!

So, it’s with pleasure that I formally introduce you to my podcast. It’s a format that fulfills me and I hope that you find a few golden nuggets betwixt some foul language, tangential thoughts, and random SAT words [hey, my dad taught me well!]. .

You can expect a biweekly release, beginning March 4 for ten episodes or so [won’t limit myself]. If you’re into being the sort of person that you want to see in the world, then this is for you. If you’re disinterested in the harder questions, then prob. not for you. 


Hey, I’m Viki; a lass of many facets. The quick version is, I’m a transformation leadership coach in Denver, bringing people from living in states of TENSION to living in in a state of INTENTION. With a neuro friendly + trauma informed lens, I support people through coaching, breathwork and communal events.


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