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Living in Vision

by igniting authentic connection


Our world is increasingly dominated by digital interactions, [obviously] and yet the yearning for authentic human connection has never been stronger. In June, I shared an itty bitty LinkedIn poll to gauge interest in a digital event series focused on evoking genuine connections through open and facilitated conversations.

The response was

overwhelming, with an inspiring 52% of respondents expressing an absolute willingness to participate. And, 43% expressed a desire to know the topic in advance, indicating the importance of knowing what to expect ahead of time [to value the potential worth, which in truth, I can feel that].

In the poll, my aim was to discern whether people would join a space to be real, as long as one was created for them. Unless you’re living in a no-news-world, we are in the very visceral throes of a loneliness epidemic. Once that began wayyyy before C19 and has inevitably hastened its impact since. With that knowledge + my slow burning desire to resume one of my favorite projects, a dinner table talk series a la Jeffersonian dinners called Anderson Street

I got to thinking about how can I be part of the change I want to see?

Additionally, I’ve been intrigued with the Japanese idea of moai [A social support group that forms in order to provide varying support from social, financial, health, or spiritual interests] or the centuries old women’s circles [a historical social necessity which spanned essentially ever ancient civilization] as ways to foster the health of society through connection & collaboration. Certainly, my own lineages of Celtic

and Bajan [and if we really want, we can go as far back as my West African roots] ensured the consistent communal connection to one another.

In today's fast-paced world, the concepts of gathering and healing together, like the women circles of old, may seem distant. However, the desire for communal support remains as constant as ever, shocker.

So, what am I getting at? Well, of course I can’t sit still, so I’m going to build something new in public alongside you. It would be an honor if you’d consider participating in a virtual event series, seeking to reignite that spirit of connection, where solidarity & compassion are formed by truly sharing experiences, where solace & understanding may be found, and simply embarking on a journey of healing and empowerment together. Men, women, old, young, here, there, and everywhere.

What I have in mind are a few things and in a fashion that is unusual for me, I will plan less and be more [as you may have heard me say of late]. Of course there will be experienced facilitation, there will be a known topic in advance, people can choose to share or pass; but there will also be an onus on each individual to remain curious, open, and willing to engage in a way that has been dissolving over time.

Engaging in ways that are compassionately challenging, that are willing to respond instead of react, and are forgiving of themselves & others for all that we do not yet know.

In July 2023, there will be two options for open, honest conversation and you'll be the first to know.

You'd be interested in joining:

  • 0%60min donated based session on varied topics

  • 0%90min paid session with grounding techniques + deeper topics

  • 0%When I'm available, all of the above

  • 0%Probably not

For now, that’s where I’m at!

My barometer for success at this moment is: fulfilling my hunger for depth of connection + facilitation, bearing witness to minds being expanded, and impacting at 5+ humans in some way shape or form that they choose to share with me.

Should those be fulfilled, I have many more interactive, virtual, in person, and masterclass offerings that are top of mind.

And if you’ve made it this far, I plan to live in my vision for this world by creating conscious & impactful spaces for people to show up courageously, vulnerably, and honestly in order to deepen connection, feel heard, and walk into the world with a renewed integrity.

If you feel drawn, what comes to mind when you think about the world you want to live in? What does it feel like, taste like, who’s there, what are you doing, who are you being, what’s being said, what’s being created…?


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